The bunny's gone? On easter sunday? Now that's a coincidence, a very peculiar coincidence.



Ready, Set, Go!
First one to the closet gets closet privileges.


Although it is not evident from the beginning, Mike is not wearing his sweatshirt because it is in the closet. Hence his great intent to get through the bunny.
An updated version of the game can be found here:
Please don't judge it just by its preliminar version.



The easter season continues. There is a game on the theme under development by yours truly which will probably come out in a couple of weeks. Yeah, I know, a little late. It won't be that big though, but I'll let you, all of my three or four fans, decide.



I hope all the possible reasons for kicking out the rabbit came from Kyle's imagination. However...



Yes, stuff them all in the closet. Nobody will ever find them there...



That's not supposed to happen...is it? Well, that sure looks like an EASTER EGG to me. Touch it if you don't believe me.


And the hunt begins.
It will be difficult trying to escape Kyle to attend to more *ahem* 'important' business.



Scouting the backyard Kyle encounters a little rabbit. He holds it, and strokes it, and will probably call him George.



This was a close call timewise. Almost didn't get the strip out on time. Not that many people would mind though.
This strip in particular is dedicated to José Trejo for his 19th birthday on march 12. Happy birthday PP. Espero que te la hayas pasado bien.
PS. The guy out the door is a plumber in case you were wondering.



Have you ever flushed a toy? Well if you did I'm sure you didn't go in an epic quest to get it back, right? Maybe Kyle & Mike will. You'll have to check tomorrow to find out!



Introducing Roy, Mike's true hearted, supporting friend. When Mike takes a job in a chicken restaurant Roy's there to make the experience more enjoyable (for himself).



Ever had your dog eat your homework? If yes I doubt that you encourage it by covering it with gravy, right? Of course, if you had ants instead of a dog, you would cover your homework with a different appetizer.



Hey Mike!

A strip continued from the one from yesterday. You have to take care of your pets, and if they're ants that means that if you don't feed them they'll find their food somewhere else.



Introducing Mike's lil' bro' Kyle. Apparently he bought an ant farm (Probably through the internet) and it doesn't appear to be much of a thrill.



March 11, 2005 Blown with the wind

And the leaves are still a pain, even as spring approaches. Mike has to pile 'em up but the wind has a different idea.

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