Please, nobody who read yerterday's strip can say they didn't see this coming.

Fernando is back. I have to admit that my good friend did tell me he was going to be unavailable this time. Considering that I draw this on a day to day basis, I could very well be said it was my fault. At least it stayed in color and very few people noted the difference without been told. (Actually, I think nobody actually noticed) Well, anyway, the schedule is kept constant and the quality too, that's what matters.

jajajjaa.,... como ya lo predecĂ­a, creo que estos no seran los momentos mejores para el pobre conejo... peor seguramente saldra de alguna manera.. jajajaja estoy seguro... sobre el coloreado.. que puedo decir, el trabajo de ambos es mas que excelente, muy pulcro y aunque si hay algunas diferencia de estilo, la calidad se mantiene jajaja!!!!!.... ansio ver como sale bunny de esta!
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