Hey Mike!

Another day comes with a new update, but alas, the update came late in the afternoon. It was good though that most of the people who visited got to see the new comic. One person went through the archives.
But, how do you know that?
Oh I know many things, and one of them is to get the right hit counter :P
No, really. Did you see the look in Roy's face when he woke up? Man, it looked as if he was really drunk. Many people may ask, why on earth did he faint over coffee in the first place? Well, that has a scientific reason, Roy's weird. Actually, that behaviour is modeled after the person Roy is derived from. Coffee actually makes him drowsy, weird, huh? To me, well, it just makes me hyper. Not Kyle hyper though.
It just hit me... I haven't introduced those two characters officially, and come to think of it, Joseph's name is only known to the readers of the blog. I should make that right... It will have to be in another strip.

Don't forget to read the comic, now at heymike.spiderspawn.com.

There will soon be goodies (drawings and flash) available in a new to be section, so check often!


Now Mike has it's own personal home at:


All the comics are there to view with a user-friendlier navigation, as well as other pages. If the game is ever completed it will probably be there.

The blog will not die, but the new comics will only be available via the new site.

Go visit, don't forget to vote, and most important of all: ENJOY!



Yet another taste of the future. A deep insight by our resident furry character.



That game sounds kind of fun. I wouldn't recommend it though, it is too much caffeine.

I can't believe it took so long for me to learn about those Star Wars fans making line with so much time ahead. I really don't know what to say. Well, first of all, I know I wouln'd do that. Specially for that movie. The other two didn't come close to expectations, given the success of the old three.
Well, to each their own, right? If you want to make a month, week, or day long queue go ahead. The only thing I say to those in front of the Chinese Theatre is:
Next time make sure it's the right theatre.



Did the world just get smaller, I got bigger or what!? The comic is bigger, and ... yeeeeah I think you can actually read it better this way, no?

That guy to the right is a friend of Mike. (But what's his name? Don't you know you have to introduce new characters?) Yeah, yeah, I know. Tomorrow you will know who it is.



Please, nobody who read yerterday's strip can say they didn't see this coming.

Fernando is back. I have to admit that my good friend did tell me he was going to be unavailable this time. Considering that I draw this on a day to day basis, I could very well be said it was my fault. At least it stayed in color and very few people noted the difference without been told. (Actually, I think nobody actually noticed) Well, anyway, the schedule is kept constant and the quality too, that's what matters.



Just imagine, imagine the first thing that comes to mind with a scale train, a constantly hyper kid and what is the first thing they will "play" with the new toy.

As some of you may see, for the few that actually see the comic, the color for today's strip was not arranged by Fernando as he's gone AWOL. I'll make a point to find 'im and give 'im a piece of fan-mind.

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